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  • Radovan.png 18

    Interview: Radovan Radulović, Executive director of Montenomaks

    ‘Through its commitment and continuous effort to improve its services from year to year, the Montenomaks Company has been attaining increasingly better business results and has been...
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  • ribella_20logo.png 03

    Nelt distributes Ribella products in Serbia

     On July 1st, Nelt officialy started distribution of Ribella brand products in Serbia. The portfolio consists of three programs: Hummus, spreads based on a chickpea, tahini,...
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  • Nelt_IT.png 02

    The participants of the Nelt IT scholarship program are selected

    Nelt's scholarship program "Are you Nelt IT" has been successfully closed and the selection process is over. Four recipients of the scholarship for Nelt's IT program will soon join...
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  • 20190626_NEP4_Macura_3500px_NK_97.jpg 26

    Nelt educational program students on excursion

    This summer, just as we did in the past four years, we organized an all-day excursion for the students of the fourth generation of NEP. Students from various faculties who...
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    Nelt supports High-school Olympics

    Nelt was presented with a thank-you letter for its contribution to the organization of the sixth humanitarian "Gimnazijada" (High-school Olympics) which was held from May 13th to 17th...
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