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First public meeting for employees held at Montenomaks C&L regarding the merger of this company with the Nelt Group

24. 07. 2017.

More than 100 employees joined the first public meeting for employees of the company Montenomaks C&L regarding its merger with the Nelt Group. The meeting was held on July 21 at the seat of this company in Danilovgrad. 
Montenomaks C&L was founded in 1999 and has about 140 employees in 12 branches all over Montenegro, which, together with cooperation with 4.000 active clients makes this company one of the leading in this market. Montenomaks C&L provides a complete logistical service; therefore, it is among the leaders in the area of logistics and forwarding in Montenegro.
 “We are convinced that with the new owner, the Nelt Group, we shall achieve even better results and position as a regionally respectable company“, executive manager of the company Radovan Radulovic emphasized during opening of this meeting, congratulating his colleagues on the successful 2016 and the first six months of 2017. 
Ljilja Pižurica, executive manager of Neregelia said:
“I thank you for your presence at this public meeting dedicated to the start of the new phase of your business operations in the Nelt Group. Our employees are our strength and our support. The supporting columns of our companies are people. Our companies are multinational but we all work together, supporting and respecting each other, thus creating a strong team”.
The goal for establishment of this cooperation was to unite the business excellence in the distribution domain of Neregelia with multiannual experience in logistics and forwarding of Montenomaks and present to the market a unique offer of integrated logistics services.
“Our strategic determination is development of logistics services in all markets we are present in. For this year we are planning investments in development of new services, construction of warehouses, purchase of new vehicles and technology as well as personal and professional development of employees. Thank you for your positive energy and warm welcome”, said Dragana Škrbić, supply chain manager at the Nelt Group.
Public meeting was completed with a presentation conducted by Marko Milanković, communications manager at Nelt Group. All Montenomaks employees were given gift boxes with products distributed by Neregelia.