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Best colleagues in Neregelia

26. 12. 2017.

Another traditional New Year’s cocktail for Neregelia’s employees was held on December 22nd in Montenegro. The centre of attention were Nikola Petroski and Vesna Leković, the Best colleagues, who were given appreciation letters on this occasion. For the first time, the event was also joined by employees from Montenomaks, which became part of the Nelt Group this year.


In the banquet hall of the restaurant "Salaš 23", everyone was welcomed by Ljilja Pižurica, Executive Director of Neregelia and Radovan Radulović, Executive Director of Montenomaks, taking note of significant results in 2017. Prizes for the Best colleague and contribution to organizational culture were officially presented. The best colleague award this year was received by Nikola Petroski, sales agent from PMI, Mars, WGI Division. Special award for contribution to organizational culture was presented to Vesna Leković from the finances sector, whose team work and dedication was recognized and praised by colleagues from different sectors of the company.