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Panel discussion about how career can be developed in the corporate sector

04. 05. 2018.

The panel discussion entitled "Career Development in the Corporate Sector" was held on April 27 in the Faculty of Physical Chemistry amphitheatre. Milica Jović, Chief Human Resources Officer, represented our company and Aco Tomašević, Neoplanta General Manager, spoke on behalf of Neoplanta.


The discussion, attended by close to 50 young people, was noticeably interactive. Milica unselfishly shared her experience regarding her faculty and later career choices. "The learning process never ends. Each of us should strive and be committed every day to improvement", she emphasized, saying that a person should not be restricted and work only in the area which he/she was educated for.


In an inspirational way and filled with humour, Aco briefly presented his career path starting from his first employment in the IT sector, to current management of the factory. "I advise you not to be restricted by your comfort zone, but to use the opportunities that open up before you," he said.


Our company supports young people, and cooperation with faculties is only one way of empowering future generations and contributing to their development.