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"AmChamps-Young leaders in change" trainees visited Nelt

14. 06. 2018.

The fifth generation of „AmChamps – Young leaders in change“ program visited Nelt in Belgrade on June 12, 2018. On this occasion, the participants got to know more about company business through presentations, workshop and tour of the warehouse.

Miloš Jelić, General director of Nelt Group, Luka Šaponjić, Shareholder Office Manager at Nelt Holding and Milica Sočanac, Business Analyst at McKinsey welcomed the participants with introductory speeches.

After the introductory part, Marko Milanković, communications manager, presented the corporate presentation to the guests, who were interested in every detail about the company. What left the biggest impression on our guests, was certainly a tour of the warehouse because of its size, the complexity of the process and used technologies. The container terminal, orchards, and vineyard have drawn a special attention to our guests.

After the organized lunch in Nelt’s restaurant, Zoran Dimitrijevic, Traditional Trade Manager, Milan Randjelovic, Organized Trade Managers, and Nikola Elezovic, Modern Trade Manager greeted the group before their lecture „Persuasive Selling Format“, at which they had the opportunity to apply the acquired knowledge in practice, under the supervision of our experts.

According to our visitors from AMCHAM, the visit to Nelt company was the most useful and the best-organized visit to a company, so far.

"AmChamps - Young Leaders in Change" is a unique project of the American Chamber of Commerce, which is designed to connect students and young managers, on one side and company members on the other, in order to encourage the development of young people who will one day become leaders

in the business community in Serbia. The fifth generation consists of 22 students of finishing years from various faculties and universities all over Serbia and 22 young managers of AmCham member companies.