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Our emloyees at Belgrade Business Run

18. 06. 2018.

The employees from Nelt participated in this year’s Belgrade Business Run race, which took place on 14. June in Belgrade. They took part in men’s, women’s and mixed teams.


At BBR, there were 14 teams from our company, in various sectors such as customer services, sales analysis, HR, IT, logistics, warehousing, and finance.


„The race was excellent! The atmosphere, the energy, the good company… Everything was perfect! NELT IT GIRLS are looking forward to the next year’s race!“- said Aleksandra Lalić.

Mirjana Jović referred to the special feeling she had during the race:

"The phenomenal energy! It is a great feeling when you represent your company in this way at the largest team building in Serbia! Surely I'll see you at Belgrade Business Run 2019! P.S. Do not forget - the track does not recognize the title!"


"Everything went fine. Some of us were struggling with mileage, but the overall mood of the team pushed us forward to the finish line, regardless of the tiredness and the fact that we had not run for years (at least as far as I'm concerned). Still, the mood was cheerful before, and especially after the race. I think it would be great if more people from our company participate next year! "- commented Tijana Biberdzic.


Belgrade Business Run is a team race where different companies participate. Participants run 5 kilometers, and the winner is a team that has had the least amount of time in the competition of male, female and mixed teams. In addition to the emphasis of the race on the competitive spirit, this event promotes teamwork, employee health and socializing!