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Panel Discussion Held – “The Path a Product Takes from Its Manufacturer to the End Consumer”

24. 07. 2018.

A Panel Discussion titled “The Path a Product Takes from Its Manufacturer to the End Consumer” was held on 20 April 2018 in the premises of Nelt in Sarajevo.


This was the second Panel Discussion held in Bosnia and Herzegovina and it covered the characteristic topics encountered by colleagues holding the positions of Trade Marketing and Key Account.

Colleagues from other sectors had the opportunity to get a broader picture about these positions and to understand what these positions comprise in everyday work. The discussions related to the topics of “The Current Situation on the Market” and “The Relation between Principal – Trade Marketing – Key Account Manager – Customer – End Consumer” elicited the largest number of comments.

“The roles of Trade Marketing Specialists and Key Account Managers are closely connected and I deem that their cooperation will be even stronger within the company in the forthcoming period” – emphasized Mirjana Komlenović, the moderator of this discussion.

The panelists were Miloš Kajkut, Key Account Manager and Selma Feriz, Trade Marketing Assistant. The visiting team of TMS from Montenegro consisted of colleagues Marijana Mijanović, Tatjana Rutešić and Nevena Čađenović.