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Nelt education program - Final exhibition invitation

21. 09. 2018.

Nelt, Nova Iskra and Galery 12Hub are inviting you to the final event of the third cycle of Nelt education program (NEP) that will be held on September 26 in several locations in Belgrade. The exhibition will feature interactive automats that are the result of a mentor program of the artistic collective Karkatag and newest generation of NEP.


Automats will be placed in three locations:

Location 1: Plato next to the Faculty of Philosophy, 15-18.30 pm

Location 2: Belgrade pier, Karadjordjeva Street 15-18.30 pm

Location 3: Ostavinska gallery, Kraljevica Marka Street 8, 15-21 pm


After the tour, a cocktail will be organized in Ostavinska gallery. More information on Nelt education program 3 will be provided through a movie and a catalog, as well as through an informal conversation with the organizers. The automats and the movie,visitors will be able to see until September 30 in Ostavinska gallery, every working day from 17 until 21 pm.

Photographs from the current workshop can be found below.