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The closure of the third cycle of Nelt education program

28. 09. 2018.



With the interactive exhibition held in three venues - square in front of Faculty of Philosophy, Belgrade docks and Ostavinska gallery, the third cycle of Nelt education program ended. The program is produced by Nelt in cooperation with Nova Iskra and Gallery 12Hub. This time, interactive automats were presented, a joint collaboration of participants of the third generation of Nelt educational program under the mentorship of art collective Karkatag.


Nelt education program brought together 23 students from various faculties that participated in workshops and lectures and thus stepped out of their formal education and learned something new regarding new technologies, art, contemporary skills and entrepreneurship. Since 2014, when the program began, through interactive workshops and lectures, more than 60 students expanded their views, critical thinking, the perception of teamwork and project development and cooperated with local and international experts.


“Our one year program offers students intensive, creative workshops, mentorship and a series of lectures ranging from architecture IT, start-up programs, entrepreneurship to social networks. We are trying to give them the widest possible input into different disciplines that they can use later in their professional development, no matter what their original studies were,” said Milica Pekic, Gallery 12Hub curator.


The finish of the interdisciplinary, experiment education program was marked with the exhibition of intriguing space installation that tapped in an interesting way the topic of alienation and bureaucracy, elitism and the understanding of arts, its content, and space, as well as the subject of tourism and myth and prejudices in this area.


“When choosing the students, we connect people from different faculties and with different levels of professional experience. The participants are not required to have specific skills. What is important for us is the motivation," said Nana Radenkovic, Creative Hub Manager, Nova Iskra.


For its Education program, 2018 Nelt was awarded the prestigious CRS prize of Trag foundation. The award was given for long-term partnership between the business and nonprofit sector. The fourth Nelt education program was announced during the exhibition and all interested students can apply. Applications are open October 1-20.