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Nelt at The Digital Summit of the Western Balkans Economies

09. 04. 2019.

Digital Summit of the Western Balkans economies was held in Belgrade on April 4 and 5 and attended by more than 3,000 participants, 2,000 companies and 200 speakers from the country and the world. This year, at the panel "Digitalization of the Logistics Sector" Vuk Mijanović participated on behalf of Nelt.

Vuk Mijanović, Nelt Group Manager of Operational Excellence Logistics, in his speech said that for Nelt this means a change in business processes that primarily relates to digital delivery and “paperless” technologies. "The decision to digitalize these processes is based on resource optimization, but the most important segment is reducing the complexity of the business process of delivering goods, ie, simplification of the task of the delivery of goods in order to motivate the employees. It is certainly imperative to say that such an exchange of documentation with customers makes the entire chain more efficient and opens up new opportunities," said Mijanović.

For him, a challenge for further implementation is the lack of harmonization of legal regulations that should support these processes. "We have established excellent communication with the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia and Belgrade, with concrete steps that should lead us to implementation. In accordance with its development strategy, Nelt has defined the specific resources for setting up an agile organization that can rapidly be adapted to changing market conditions. Under this I mean the introduction and development of digital or so-called new technologies", said Vuk Mijanović and concluded: "Technology, communication, and culture of the company are extremely important in creating the user experience. Technology allows us to communicate, analyze data and direct ourselves to the true values ​​for our clients, and culture is like spice, without it everything is tasteless!"