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Distribution of Dahlia cosmetics in Serbia

06. 05. 2019.

Nelt has officially started distribution of Dahlia cosmetics in Serbia. The product portfolio includes Dahlia, Becollino, Brion and Hera.

This April a kick-off meeting took place in the premises of the Dahlia factory in Belgrade, attended by 46 of our sales colleagues. Dahlia representatives held a presentation on the company and presented marketing plans as well as product portfolio to members of Nelt Sales team.


Dahlia is one of the oldest cosmetics factories in the Balkans. It was founded in 1924 as a drugstore and became the manufacturer of renowned cosmetics programs known to domestic consumers. Since 2017, it has been owned by the Swiss company Batagon International, which in addition to the large-scale investments in the modernization of production facilities, plans to invest in the improvement of the portfolio itself.


The product portfolio includes brands Dahlia women's cosmetics, Becollino baby cosmetics, Brion shaving program for men and Hera shampoos and soaps.