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    Nectar and Nelt partnership in Serbia

    Nectar and Nelt companies have established a strategic partnership in the field of logistic processes management, under which Nelt will work as a logistics service provider in storage...
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    Nelt in Top 100 companies of Southeastern Europe

    Eleven years in a row, Seenews publishes a list of Top 100 companies from Southeastern Europe, based on their earnings. Nelt is in 68th place.   Along with our company, 11 more...
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    Delegation of CEFTA customs offices in Nelt

    A delegation of Customs offices from Montenegro, Moldavia, Albania, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo was recently hosted by the Nelt Company. The visit was initiated by...
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    The construction of Hall 2 in Eastern Sarajevo

    The construction of a regional-ambient Nelt Hall 2 in Sarajevo is underway. With this 4 million Euros investment, we plan to strengthen our capacities with 5,000 more pallet spaces....
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    Town Hall Meeting in Nelt Angola

    Nelt Angola Sociedade Unipessoal Lda, on Saturday 22 of September 2018 held a meeting with workers in our facilities. The meeting was attended by 75 workers from diferent...
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