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Why Group

After 20 years of growing business, both in the number of activities and in geographical reach, there is a need for defining new organizational structures and mutual relations between all the companies under the Nelt umbrella.

In the year of celebrating a significant anniversary, we made a brave step into the future and decided to set up a new and contemporary organizational structure - Nelt Group. With this synergy of knowledge and experience we wish to achieve a better market position, but also to ensure a long-term stability of the existing operations. Aware of constant changes in the territories where we do business, we are making adjustments in an attempt to improve our competitive advantage. To set up a Group is our strategic decision supporting us to bravely face the challenges ahead.

Analyzing the overall scopes of our business, primarily in terms of the business diversification and fragmentary character of our companies, we found it necessary that all knowledge and experience should be channelled through one strategic and executive body – Group Board of Directors. Making this important step we opted for simplicity. In order to centralize the processes on the one hand and preserve the market presentation flexibility on the other – the members of the Group Board of Directors and new Directors are the recent Managers of key business sectors, as well as the General Managers of the Group companies: Nelt Co Serbia, Nelt BiH, Neregelia Podgorica, Nelt ST Macedonia, Nelt Africa, Neoplanta, Javna skladišta Srbije, Banim Reklame, Tako Lako Shop and Montenomaks C&L.