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Neoplanta, Serbia

Neoplanta is one of the oldest Serbian brands with 126 years of tradition. Ever since 1885, Neoplanta has preserved the traditional meat processing. The high quality and a strict health safety of Neoplanta’s products are guaranteed by a complete production process. On 1,000 hectares those varieties are cultivated which are used as ingredients for feed production and it is the beginning of the chain which is under control of Neoplanta’s specialist team from start to finish. The next strong link in the chain is Neoplanta's pig farm, one of the largest in the region, with an annual production of some 40,000 fatlings. The production per month is nearly one million kilograms of fresh meat and meat products within the portfolio of more than 85 delicatessen products.

Since June 2006, Neoplanta has operated according to the HACCP principles, applied throughout the production chain. Aiming at market exchange with the Russian Federation, Neoplanta obtained GOST-R and Hygiene Certificate for the entire portfolio of ready-made meals in 2010.

In October 2007, Neoplanta became a member of Nelt Co, marking a new stage in development, business operations and modernization. Since that time, the company has recorded a 30% growth in sales, and the headcount has risen to over 700 people.

With its long tradition and product quality, and in synergy with Nelt’s knowledge and energy, Neoplanta is getting closer to becoming the absolute regional leader in meat industry.

AD Neoplanta, Industrija mesa

Primorska 90, 21000 Novi Sad
Phone: +381 21 4873 882
Fax: +381 21 419 256