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Nelt was founded in Serbia, in 1992, as a company with a core activity focused on trade. After four years of hard and dedicated work we became a distributor of multinational company Procter&Gamble for the region of former Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Not long afterwards, we started distributing products of global companies - Kraft Foods (Mondelez), Wrigley and SSL, for the territory of Serbia and Montenegro. In 2006 we opened high end distribution and logistics center in Dobanovci, near Nikola Tesla international airport, in the center of Belgrade industrial zone.
In accordance with our mission and vision we expanded our business by creating Logistics services division. In 2007 we started with food production operations by acquiring Novi Sad based meat company - Neoplanta AD.
In 2008 we completed a merger with Subotica-based public warehouse company Javna Skladista. We also started with the trade marketing services to principals and third parties. In order to maintain constant improvement and competitiveness we have certified the quality management system according to ISO 9001 standard and implemented the HACCP system, which was followed by the beginning of distribution of pharmaceutical products and animal health and pet food.
Since 2010. Nelt has succesfull operations in Africa. Angola, Zambia and Mozambique are three countries in which we quickly managed to position ourselves as the leaders in FMCG distribution. Today, we distribute world class brands with more than 200 employees. 
In 2012 we implemented the SAP business information system, with the aim of 
replacing the existing ERP with a solution that could completely cover and 
support the strategy for a viable business diversification and improvement,
as well as all processes within the company. Rollout to other European Nelt branches already begun, Montenegro being the second country to implement it.
Nelt offers top services in the field of distribution, logistic and marketing maintaining maximum operational efficiency and effectiveness. Our partners include largest domestic and international companies. We are proud to say that our energy, flexibility and creativity together with the extensive experience and knowledge of our partners result in - constant growth and success.
Today, we are part of Nelt Group, an organizational umbrella for all Nelt companies around the world. Group consists of:
Nelt Co, Serbia
Nelt, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Neregelia, Montenegro
Nelt ST, Macedonia
Neoplanta, Serbia
Public warehouses, Serbia
Nelt Lda, Angola
Nelt Limitada, Mozambique
Nelt Limited, Zambia
Corner Shop, Serbia